About Us

Markazhu Tahfeezil Quran (MTQ)

"إِنَّمَا الْأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّاتِ
Acts are judged by the intention behind them"

MTQ is an Institute of Islamic learning and excellence with emphasis on Hifzul Quran (memorization of the entire Quran), Islamic Fiqh, Ahaadeeth and other academic and non-academic curriculums including regular schooling alongside custom-tailored courses for producing effective and committed scholars, leaders to the religion, to the nation and to the world. 

The institute operates under MM Educational and Charitable Trust that upholds authentic Islamic thought. Currently, the institute hosts 150 students including 40 females.
Markazhu Tahfeezil Quran (MTQ) currently employes15 Hifz teachers for Hifzul Quran, 10 Academic faculties for regular schooling, five teachers for specific training in Islamic subjects and 10 administratorstaff for the daily functioning of the institute. 
Established in 2005 with the immense blessing of Lord Almighty, Markazhu Tahfeezil Quran (MTQ) has a history of excellence in the state and has produced 194 Huffaz of whom 47 are females Hafiza, all of them were able to perform excellence in both religious and academics.